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華南理工大學 環境與能源學院 副教授
Postdoctoral researcher, University of Delaware
台灣大學環境工程研究所 博士後研究員




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Conference Papers

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  • Photoelectrochemical Reduction of CO2, Funded by South China University of Technology, PI, 2012.

「光電化學方法還原二氧化碳」,華南理工大學高層次人才引進資助經費,  2012,計畫主持人。

  • Concurrently photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation and tetracycline degradation by TiO2 nanotube arrays, Funded by South China University of Technology, PI, 2013.


  • Photoelectrochemical hydrogen generation and tetracycline degradation via C,N-TNAs photoanode, Pearl River Nova Program of Guangzhou, PI, 2013. 


  • Health risk assessment and pollution reduction stragegy for Central Taiwan Science Park and TSMC co., Funded by TSMC, co-PI, 2014.


  • Remediation of trichloroethylene (TCE)-contaminated groundwater by using a long-acting oxidant coupled with bioremediation reagents: a comprehensive evaluation on the effectiveness and impacts of the treatment train, Funded by EPA, co-PI, 2014「以長效型氧化劑結合厭氧生物復育試劑整治受三氯乙烯污染之地下水:整治列車成效及對場址影響綜合評估」,環保署,2014,計畫協同主持人。
  • Concurrent Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Generation and Oxidation of Ibuprofen by using p-n junction BiOI-TiO2 nanotube arrays electrode, Ministry of Science and Technology, PI, 2014.