• 日期 : 2016-04-13
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Name: Chiung-Fen Chang 
Title: Professor 
Tel: 04-23590121 ext. 33622 
E-mail: cfchang@thu.edu.tw 
Degree/Institution: Ph.D., P.E. National Taiwan University 
Specialty: functional materials; water & wastewater treatment; waste recycling 
Courses Offered: Water &wastewater treatment; Physicochemical treatment processes; Environmental Pollutant Analysis; Special Topics on Mass Transfer; The fate and Control Technologies of Environmental Emerging Contaminants

Research Description

1. Electrochemical Oxidation 
2. Adsorption 
3. Magnetic Adsorbents and Photocatalysts 
4. Carbon Nanotube Synthesis and Applications 
5. Production of RDF from solid wastes

Name: Yu-Ling Wei 
Title: Professor 
Tel: 04-23590121 ext. 33607 
E-mail: yulin@thu.edu.tw 
Degree/Institution: Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering, Penn State Univ. 
Specialty: energy; photocatalysis; waste treatment & recycling; environmental molecular science 
Courses Offered: air pollution control; waste recycling and reuse; special topic on thermal treatment; special topic on energy; seminar (co-teach); environmental physical chemistry (co-teach)
Link: http://www.envsci.thu.edu.tw/web/teacher/detail.php?cid=1&id=7

Research Description

my researches mainly focus on two topics, namely photocatalytic decontamination and waste recycling technology. The details are as follows: 
1. photocatalysis mechanism associated with nano TiO2 modified with metals. 
2. application of carbon nanotube as a catalyst substrate in Photocatalysis. 
3. mechanism of lightweight aggregate formation from slag/sludge/sediment/fly ashes. 
4. mechanism of thermal immobilization of heavy metal-containing wastes. 
5. removal mechanism of heavy metals with sorbents from water.


Name: Ho-Wen Chen 
Title: Professor 
Tel: 04-23590121 ext. 33636 
E-mail: hwchen@thu.edu.tw 
Degree/Institution: Ph.D., P.E. National Cheng Kung Univ. 
Specialty: sustainable system engineering, 
artificial intelligent and data mining, environmental informatics, water resources management, environmental forensics 
Courses Offered: Environmental Statistics, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental planning and management, Environmental and energy Policy and Management
Link: http://www.envsci.thu.edu.tw/web/teacher/detail.php?cid=1&id=8 

 Research Description

Due to rapid economic development and population growth and migration, these critical environmental engineering infrastructures have evolved into highly coupled and interacting, or interdependent networks and systems - through complex physical, natural resource, cyber, information, geographic, human, social, and logical connections. For these reasons, the aim of my research is to incorporate the convergent technology to fulfill the resilient and sustainable goals in planning, management and operation of these interdependent environmental infrastructures. My research is multidisciplinary in dealing with large-scale complex environmental and water resources systems leading to expand the theoretical frameworks for understanding the physical, chemical, and biological processes, and conduct modeling, simulation, and optimization of interdependent infrastructure systems at multiple time scales.


Name: Wei-Yea Chen 
Title: Assoc. Prof. 
Tel: 04-23590121 ext. 33603 
E-mail: wychen@thu.edu.tw 
Degree/Institution: Ph.D. National Chiao Tung Univ. 
Specialty: Environmental Pollution & System Analysis, Environmental Management 
Courses Offered: Computer Application in Environmental Study, Environmental Computation, General Ecology, Solid Waste Treatment, Hydrology
Link: http://www.envsci.thu.edu.tw/web/teacher/detail.php?cid=1&id=9

Research Description

1. Landfill siting using geographic information system 
2. Multiple attribute decision making 
3. Dynamc simulation

Name: Meng-Hau Sung 
Title: Assoc. Prof. 
Tel: 04-23590121 ext. 33630 
E-mail: mhsung@thu.edu.tw 
Degree/Institution: Ph.D., University of Delaware, USA 
Specialty: Soil and Groundwater Remediation, Advanced Water & Wastewater Treatment 
Courses Offered: Environmental Chemistry, Soil Chemistry, Groundwater Hydrology, Soil Remediation, and Pollution Prevention
Link: http://www.envsci.thu.edu.tw/web/teacher/detail.php?cid=1&id=12

Research Description

My research focuses broadly on the mass transfer processes and chemical reactions in soil, groundwater, and wastewater.

Name: Chi-Yu Huang 
Title: Assist. Prof. 
Tel: 04-23590121 ext. 33613 
E-mail: cyhuang@thu.edu.tw 
Degree/Institution: Ph.D. Univ. of California, Los Angeles 
Specialty: Environmental Bacteriology, Biological Treatment, Environmental molecular biotechnology, Biomass energy 
Courses Offered: Microbiology, Environmental Microbiology, Introduction to Environmental Health Science, Hazardous materials and wastes management, Biological treatment, Advanced Environmental Microbiology

Link: http://www.envsci.thu.edu.tw/web/teacher/detail.php?cid=1&id=10

Research Description

Thermophilic anaerobic bacteria physiology, Biomass energy, Biohydrogen/methane production

Name: Hsion-Wen, David Kuo 
Title: Assoc. Prof. 
Tel: 04-23590121 ext. 33635 
E-mail: hwkuo@thu.edu.tw 
Degree/Institution: Ph.D. University of Tennessee, Knoxville,USA 
Specialty: biological treatment, molecular biotechnology, environmental virology, biofuel. 
Courses Offered: Introduction to Environmental Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Environmental Engineering Unit Operations and Processes, Biological Theory for Environmental Engineering, Biological Treatment Processes, Molecular Techniques in Environmental Detection.
Link: http://www.envsci.thu.edu.tw/web/teacher/detail.php?cid=1&id=11

Research Description

1. Environmental virology 
2. Biofuel from organic wastes 
3. Microbial ecology in engineered treatment systems 
4. Emerging chemicals and biodegradation/bioremediation 
5. Biosensor and early warning systems

Name: Shiue-Lin Li
Title: Assis. Professor
Tel: 04-23590121 ext. 33618
E-mail: reedli0227@thu.edu.tw
Degree/Institution: Ph.D., Department of Environmental Engineering, National Cheng Kung University
Specialty: Electrochemistry, Biological Wastewater Treatment
Courses Offered: Water & Wastewater Engineering; Water Engineering Design; Industrial Wastewater treatment

Research Description 

1. Electromicrobiology
2. Environmental Microbiolog
3. Biological Wastewater Treatment Process

Name: Guan-Yu Lin
Title: Assis. Professor
Tel: 04-23590121 ext. 33606
E-mail: samlin@thu.edu.tw
Degree/Institution: Ph.D., Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Chiao Tung University
Specialty: Aerosol technology; Air quality monitoring;  Numerical modeling
Courses Offered:Fluid Mechanics; Implementation of Fluid mechanics; Principle of Environmental Physicochemistry Linkhttp://www.envsci.thu.edu.tw/web/teacher/detail.php?cid=1&id=35


  Research Description

Aerosol sampler development
High efficiency air pollution control system development
Nanoparticle control technology
Numerical modeling for environmental engineering
Big data analysis and PM2.5 sensors application
Name: Webber Wei-Po Lai
Title: Assis. Professor
Tel: 04-23590121 ext. 33609
E-mail: wplai@thu.edu.tw
Degree/Institution: Ph.D., Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Taiwan University
Specialty: Trace analysis, Environmental fate and transformation of organic pollutants, photochemical reaction, photocatalytic reaction and advanced oxidation process

Courses Offered: Environmental Engineering; Environmental Statistics
Research Description My research interests focus on the issues of emerging contaminants (a.k.a. chemicals of emerging concerns) in aquatic environments, including trace analysis, environmental fate and development of novel green treatment technologies for water sustainability. The specific focuses include analytical method establishment, reaction kinetics and mechanism study and the applicability of the treatment systems.