• 日期 : 2016-04-13
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DESE (Department of Environmental Science and Engineering) offers unique undergraduate education that not only emphasizes a strong theoretical foundation, but also practical experience. Brief description of the features is as follows:

Broad range of academic curriculum includes natural and ecological conservation, atmospheric science, environmental engineering, environmental chemistry and analysis, as well as environmental policy, planning and management. The department also newly offers courses on environmental society, economics, and laws. Courses on climate change and mitigation, sustainable development and carbon assets management are also included as part of the new curriculum.

Opportunities for internships, co-op programs, and practical training experiences which provide a stepping stone to professional careers.

Opportunities to participate laboratory and research activities. Students interested in pursuing advanced academic degrees or careers in academics are encouraged to seek advices and join laboratories of their interests.

Plan and initiate inter-disciplinary and cross-departmental programs associated with green energy/process and low-carbon society. Students who are interested in these fields are encouraged to complete one of the credited curricula.

The academic curricula have tremendously served their purposes, as over 1,300 alumni of DESE have historically performed well in their profession careers, whether they chose the career paths in industry, academia, or public services.

The Department also has active research programs which attract strong yearly research funding from government and industry sectors. The training of graduate students, with a requirement of thesis, through assisting research and funded projects prepares students with critical thinking and independent capability – ingredients necessary to enhance their careers.