Employment and Advanced Study

  • 日期 : 2017-03-21
  • 點閱 : 2009
Employment and Advanced Study

1. Advanced studies
Undergraduates can choose applying for graduate schools in environmental engi-neering, resource engineering and management, public health, biochemical science, post-graduate medical school and other related fields. Faculty members also recommend and assist those who wish to apply for advanced studies abroad. In essence to the curriculum covering a wide spectrum of education in environmental science and engineering, the students graduating from DESE have a wide range of choices to study overseas.

2. Employment
Businesses and industries involving in manufacturing processes inevitably produce environmental pollution directly or indirectly, hence personnel responsible for environmental health and safety is always in short supply. Graduates who decide to pursue professional careers will therefore have a range of job categories to choose from, the most common of which are listed as follows:

(1). Governmental agencies:
Environmental Protection Administration, pro¬vincial, county, and city environmental protection offices, Finance Ministry Water Commission, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Health Agency Food Hygiene Office, Interior Ministry Construction Office, provincial and city factory and mine inspection committee, provincial, county, and city irrigation associations, local waste processing cen¬ters, provincial forestry office, provincial mountain agriculture office, county and city departments of sanitation and environmental protection.

(2). Educational and research institutions:
Laboratories of the National Research Institutes, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Academia Sinica, and Universities.

(3). Government-owned corporates:
Water supply, engineering con¬sultant agencies, CTCI Foundation (formerly China Technical Consultants, Inc.), Taiwan Green Productivity Foundation, China Steel, China Shipyard, Taiwan Power, China Petroleum, Provincial Municipal Incinerators, etc.

(4). Private firms:
● Environmental engineering consulting firms
● Environmental law firms
● Environmental analysis firms
● Pollution prevention consultants
● Non-profit organizations
● Others (food and manufacturing industry, chemical engineering, plastic manufacturing, textiles, agricultural chemicals, etc.) related industries.